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Take advantage of A New Rebate Program. A new Energy Efficiency Alberta program makes it easy to take advantage of rebates for BUSINESS, NON-PROFIT, AND INSTITUTIONAL ENERGY SAVINGS PROGRAM through the latest LED innovations. That’s what Energy Efficiency Alberta—the new Government of Alberta agency dedicated to helping the province save energy—is all about: the mandate […]

LEDs in Horticulture

Philips HTC City Farm Eindhoven

Philips Lighting has opened the LED-centric GrowWise Center in Eindhoven to study light recipes for plant growth while Purdue University has conducted research on using LEDs to cultivate plants during deep-space missions. The Philips GrowWise City Farming research center in Eindhoven, the Netherlands has opened for research into increasing agricultural yields using LED horticultural lighting […]

Lumileds delivers second-generation COB LEDs, 10% efficacy gain


Gen 2 Luxeon COB Core Range LEDs increase performance in the same footprint as the first round of Lumileds COB LEDs, enabling development tradeoffs in performance relative to source size. Lumileds has announced the second-generation Luxeon COB (chip-on-board) Core Range of packaged LEDs that deliver 10% gains in efficacy and flux output, while matching the […]

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Library Saves 235,300 kWh Per Year with LED

University Library

Gumberg Library at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh recently completed a lighting upgrade on its first floor using LED luminaries. The lighting upgrade to the first floor study area and stacks included replacing a fluorescent system consisting of over 500 fixtures producing 37,160 watts significantly reducing the upgraded floor’s energy consumption—more than 235,300 kWh per year. […]

Lighting Best Practices for LED Conversion

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For many businesses, transitioning from antiquating lighting modalities can be an attractive and ultimately cost-saving alternative.  LED Retrofiting can produce a long-term cost savings in terms of maintenance and energy expense when full conversions take place. It’s important to understand the type of facility being considered and the external fixture designs that will be replaced. […]

Cree is claiming 200 lm/W


Cree is claiming 200 lm/W from the latest in its 3.45×3.45mm XP series of lighting LEDs. The 200 lm/W LED has been dubbed XP-L, and delivers up to 1,226 lm at 350mA from its single die. “XP-L LED enables an immediate performance increase of 50% or more as a drop-in upgrade for lighting designs based […]

Princeton University pursues LED-centric campus-wide lighting upgrade


Princeton University has announced the start of a project that will see more than 100,000 fixtures across the New Jersey campus upgraded to LED technology by the end of December 2016. A member of the elite Ivy League of schools that date to colonial American times, Princeton believes that adopting LEDs can contribute 16% to […]

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DOE publishes LED outdoor lighting report, charts performance gains

DOE snapshot

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has released a Caliper Snapshot Report on outdoor LED area lighting products, based on the Lighting Facts program, one year after the release of the last outdoor-centric report. That report from August 2013 noted that LED lighting could not yet match high-pressure sodium (HPS) sources at the 400W level, […]

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