Modular highbay-1

Modular LED High Bay

Product Description

Product Features:
This modular pluggable lamp obtains the thermal performance and efficient use of the thermal cellular principle and the structure of
cooling technology. At the same time, ergonomics, light distribution and high photosynthetic efficiency Philips light output achieves
energy saving, and a uniform lighting effect. It can replace 150W-500W, 4-15 meters high, indoor and outdoor traditional lighting lamps.

Watts & Luminous Flux(5000K):
40W  3800 lm
50W  4750 lm
80W  7600 lm
100W  9500 lm
120W  11400 lm
150W  14250 lm
180W  17100 lm

●90-305 V/AC available
●System power factor greater than 92%
and THD<15%.
●4000V Surge Voltage
●10%~90%RH Operating Humidity
●Power factor and THD test and specify the
system in 220 V/AC Enter the maximum load conditions

LED & Optical Assembly:
●LED Source : PHILIPS Lumileds
●25°, 40°, 60°, 100° light distribution
●Housing Color : Silver ; Black
●Luminous efficiency of up to 95 lm/w
●Using thermal cellular theory and struc-ture of radiation technology
●3000K , 4000K , 5000K , 6000K optional color temperature

●Die-cast aluminum housing.
●Innovative design accommodates 3 LED modules.
●Each LED module is equipped with a ceiling In order to ensure the life of the thermal control fixtures temperature range.
●Design standard IP68 protection grade

5 years limited warranty standard

● Large Warehouse
● Hangar
● Gym
● Market
● Airport
● Station
● Shop