T8 LED Tube

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Product Description

22W 4FT LED Tubes T8 retrofit kit for linear panels(2×4 Troffer) have approved DESIGN LIGHTS CONSORTIUM(DLC),which is a collaboration of utility companies and regional energy efficiency organizations, that help builders, architects, designers, and commercial property owners to implement improved design practices in all areas of the commercial lighting market. The 22W 4FT LED Tube T8 delivers 2300 lumens @ 4000k of exceptional 80+ CRI light while achieving over 105 lumens per watt in 100~277 VAC Input with UL/cUL Recognized internal driver. This LED Tubes Light T8 are available in 4000K and 5000K DLC color temperatures option and perfect for new construction applications or replace existing the fluorescent tube in 2X4FT grille panel.

Designed for new construction applications or retrofitting
existing the fluorescent tube in grille panel, widely used in office spaces,
major retail stores, education, government, healthcare, and hospitality.

The LED source has been LM80 tested and reported from accredited
testing laboratories in accordance with IESNA LM-80-2008,Standard
colour management maintains superior colour consistency over time
and temperature. CCT classification according to the ANSI
C78.377-2008 standard.

Heat Sink:
The source and radiator distribution in LED tube top, heat
source distribution placed solve heat concentration, quantity of
heat conduction of each other and radiation, effective to solve
thermal management system design of the cooling.This enables
the LEDs to consistently run cooler, providing significant boosts
to lifetime, efficacy, and color consistency.

Optical System:
Proprietary optical system utilizes a unique combination of
reflective components to achieve a uniform,comfortable
appearance,high efficacy,low glare. LED TUBE with diffusion
cover suggested installation to a fixture with lens,LED TUBE with
transparent cover suggested install to a fixture with a reflector.

UL/cUL Listed,DLC Listed, LM79 Report Available
LM80 Chip, lifespan>50,000 Hours
Isolated UL Recognized Driver,MTBF> 50,000 Hours
Inner Reflector design,increase>6% light delivery
THD<20%(At 277V) DLC CCT Option:4000K,5000K 5 Years Warranty