Lutron DVTV 0-10vLE-006 Dim Module-1

Dimmer Module

Product Description

The Analog dimmer Module receives a standard 0-10V signal input.
0%-100% dimming range via logarithmic characteristic, easy on human vision.
1 or 4 channel 0-10V input with 4 channel PWM output.
256 levels of Grey Scales , soft & smooth without any flash.
To work with power repeater to expand output unlimitedly.

The Dimmer Module allows the use of a standard 0-10v dimmer switch. Especially useful on an existing power supply/driver that originally did not have dimming capabilities. Can be used with constant voltage and constant current power supplies.

DIMENSIONS:   LE-001: 46x178x18 mm  LE-006: 33x82x20 mm


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