Retrofit for Wallpack-1

LED Wallpack Retrofit

Product Description

LED wall pack retrofit kit provides a simple way to upgrade existing wall pack fixtures to efficient, low-maintenance LED wall pack lighting technology. This LED wall pack kit typically pays for itself in one year as a result of its 85% energy savings, ten year plus life span and low installed cost, the perfect solution for lighting retrofit projects. This kit is now listed with Design Lights Consortium, qualifying it for energy use reduction rebates and incentives available through many state, local, utility and federal programs. In some cases, the energy rebate can cover the entire cost of the retrofit kit.

Commercial/Architectural Grade
Watts: 30W~450W
Voltages:100-277Vac / 200-480Vac
Operating Temp: -30 ºC to +50 ºC
Operating Humidity: 20% to 90%RH
Power Fact (PF) :0.986
Power Supply Efficiency: > 90%
Colour Temperature: 5700K
Beam Angle: 120°
LM70 (9K)> 54,400 H
Lamp Life: 50,000+ Hours
5 Year Warranty

Part No. /Lumen /HID Equivalent
LE-35W-LV 35W 3300lm 80W-100W
LE-45W-LV 45W 4100lm 150W-175W
LE-60W-LV 60W 5500lm 200W-250W
LE-80W-LV 80W 7500lm 250W-300W
LE-100W-LV 100W 9500lm 400W
LE-120W-LV 120W 11400lm 400W
LE-150W-LV 150W 14000lm 500W-600W
LE-185W-LV 185W 17000lm 600W-700W
LE-240W-LV 240W 23000lm 750W
LE-320W-LV 320W 28000lm 1000W
LE-400W-LV 400W 36000lm 1000W-1500W